The London Neurology and Pain Clinic is OPEN for urgent treatment
Our Harley Street Clinic will now be open for URGENT appointments only. To accommodate as many patients as possible we extended our opening hours from 9:00 am to 8:00Pm and at request even on the weekend.
Please note that our Clinic complies with current government guidelines: access for medical appointments by the public is permitted.

Philosophy of the Clinic

LNPC is the first Neurology Clinic nationwide that works exclusively on physiological mechanisms and processes to prevent diseases. We operate on the basis of the knowledge and latest scientific insights on self-repair, regeneration and neuroplasticity.

Today we know that the most important intervention in medicine is prevention.

This applies especially to the brain.

If you wait to see a neurologist because you keep forgetting your phone number, you are twenty years too late. Diseases develop many years before the first symptoms show and long before a diagnosis can be made.

We are an international, interdisciplinary team.

Languages spoken in the Clinic: English, German, French, Russian, Arabic, Spanish, Norwegian, Romanian, Polish, Hindi, Persian, Yiddish.


The London Neurology and Pain Clinic is for people who are aware of the value of their health.


Our Services Are For Your Peace Of Mind


Our brain does not readily regenerate and is very vulnerable to all type of insults. We have to take special care of it. Read More



The Perrin Technique stimulates the lymphatic drainage of the brain which is essential for brain detoxification. Read More

Perrin Technique


Based on your brainwaves and your stimulus-response, we can design a personalised, supportive treatment plan to optimise your brain function. Read More



Pain is the cry of an organ. A healthy organ does not hurt. Our pain management concept is to care for and support the organ. Read More

Special Pain Management


Environmental pollution became a fact of life. It is unavoidable. Thus, detoxification has to become a part of our lifestyle. Read More

Environment & Detoxification


Our interdisciplinary team of experts provide medicolegal support for accident, workmen’s compensation, immigration etc. Read More

Medicolegal work


Our goal is primary prevention of disease and to regain regeneration and optimal function of what you may have lost. Read More



Our goal is to balance body/mind/emotions and to achieve optimal function and performance at all levels. Read More

Executive Function & Psychology

What Makes Us Unique



Interdisciplinary and simultaneous is our magic formula.



A comprehensive approach saves time and increases efficiency.



Individualized, Personalized and Elaborate. It cannot get any better than this.

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London Neurology & Pain Clinic Fourth Floor, 100 Harley Street, London, W1G 7JA

Our Mission

To us health is a human’s biggest wealth. We understand that each person is different and has different needs.

Only working together, we can face the health challenges of our time and provide the best outcome.

We understand individual health as a part of global health. In everything we do, we address the human and the environment.


  • Classical & Holistic Neurology and Preventative Clinic
  • Specialized Perrin Technique Clinic
  • Cranial, Structural and Visceral Osteopathy Clinic
  • Detoxification and Intravenous Vitamin and Ozone Clinic
  • Multidisciplinary Day-Clinic with Colon-hydrotherapy/Infrared Sauna and Radio-Frequency/Indiba
  • Competent and caring staff with 15-30 years of experience
  • Highly professional and dedicated team
  • Personalized, Bespoke and Dynamic treatment plans
  • Weekend and after hours appointments at request
  • We accept most health insurances but NOT Health Code, Please check with your insurer

Why Us?

  • Experienced
  • Dedicated
  • Critical
  • Interdisciplinary
  • Comprehensive
  • Bespoke
  • Our Profession is our passion
  • Your health is our challenge

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