Emotional balance is essential for the vitality of body and mind and optimal physical and intellectual performance.

What is our approach?

Not mind over matter, mind AND matter is our approach. We address the mind via the body and the body via the mind. We aim for physical and emotional balance and stability which lead to optimal performance at all ages.

What is your benefit from choosing our approach?


In our experience emotional pain can impair our physical health and physical illness can affect our emotions. A weak body is often unable to face the underlying emotional pain, and a hurting soul prevents the body from healing.

A vicious cycle.

Our treatment concept addresses the soul via the body and vice versa the body via the soul.

The London Neurology and Pain Clinic works with Psychologist Dr Beverley Steffert and with Psychotherapist Lowell Riezouw.

Dr Steffert’s passion is executive function and pick performance at any age.

Mr Riezouw works on body-mind balance and resolution of emotional blockades that hinder optimal physical, emotional, psychological and intellectual function.

Body oriented psychotherapy originates back to the early 20th century and was developed by the Austrian doctor and then psychoanalyst Dr. Wilhelm Reich. During his work with Sigmund Freud he set about to discover the biological source of neurosis. During his researches he observed a very close relationship between psychological disturbances and a disturbed freedom of body movement, function and breath. His work shifted from a purely psychological approach towards an integration of body and mind.

Through relieving muscular tensions and facilitating a free flow of energy throughout the body, many psychological and/or physical symptoms were alleviated and integrated into a more natural and spontaneous expression of feelings and movement. Most body centred psychotherapies today have been influenced by his discoveries and ideas.

This particular approach addresses not only psychological disharmonies but is also a powerful method of treatment for many imbalances of a physical and emotional nature since it integrates the different levels of human expression.

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