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Our HEALTH is based on our Physiology

Dr Griesz-Brisson MD, PhD, studied medicine in Germany and has a PhD in Pharmacology

She did her specialty training for Neurology and Neurophysiology at New York University Medical Centre, in New York, USA.

Being aware of the limited regeneration of the brain and its vulnerability to endogenous and exogenous factors she started focusing on neuro-toxicology, prevention and neuroplasticity. Her concepts are based on chronic low-level neuro-toxicology and physiological treatment methods.

She is passionate about supporting physiology in general and especially brain physiology. She sees health and disease as dynamic processes on which we can make huge impacts one way or the other. She emphasises responsibility and empowers her clients to take control over their health. She is a big advocate of the so called interdisciplinary and simultaneous approach, meaning that there is not ONE cause for a disease and there will be NO ONE answer or treatment method to fix it.

Her Clinic is based on an interdisciplinary Day-Clinic concept

Consultant Neurologist/Neurophysiologist Neurotoxicologist, Envoironmental Medicine, PhD in Pharmacology

Meet The Team

Dr. M Griesz-Brisson
MD, PhD & Consultant Neurologist
Rakhee Soni
Elena Elisseeve
BSc (Hons) Nursing
Colon Hydrotherapy
Dr. Tony Steffert
PhD EEG Researcher