What we Treat

The following conditions may benefit from a supportive physiological approach. Organ pathology has to be excluded before supportive treatment is provided.

  • Epilepsy
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Alzheimer’s disease
  • Dementias, memory loss
  • foggy brain
  • Encephalopathies
  • cognitive dysfunction
  • poor concentration
  • forgetfulness
  • Chronic Inflammatory Immune Response Syndrome CIIRS
  • CFS/ME
  • Post-viral fatigue syndrome
  • Post-viral encephalitic syndromes
  • hypothalamic dysfunction
  • autonomic dysfunctions
  • POTS
  • Multiple chemical sensitivity
  • Neurological symptoms
    after Post-Covid-19
  • Post-Covid-19 Fatigue
  • Post Covid-19 headache
  • Post Covid-19 Brain fog
  • Post Covid-19 Nerve Pain
  • ADHA

Epilepsy, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, Dementias, memory loss, foggy brain, Encephalopathies, cognitive dysfunction, poor concentration, forgetfulness, Chronic Inflammatory Immune Response Syndrome CIIRS, CFS/ME, Post-viral fatigue syndrome, Post-viral encephalitic syndromes, hypothalamic dysfunction, autonomic dysfunctions, POTS, Multiple chemical sensitivity, Neurological symptoms after Post-Covid-19,  Post-Covid-19 Fatigue, Post Covid-19 headache, Post Covid-19 Brain fog, Post Covid-19 Nerve Pain, ADHA,

 Headache, migraine, daily persistent headache, brain inflammation, chr. sinusitis

Neuralgias (post-herpetic neuralgia, occipital neuralgias, trigeminal neuralgia, neuropathies,  diabetic neuropathy, neuropathy after chemotherapy, lymphoedema after radio-therapy, Musculo-skeletal pain, neck pain, back pain, ileo-sacral, knee, shoulder, wrist, ankle, finger pains, abdominal pains, lazy gut, chronic diarrhoeas, poor digestion, Liver support, Restore intestinal microbiome/gut flora,

Disabilities after Accident, Stroke, Heart Attack, Thrombosis, after Chemotherapy or environmental intoxications, lymphoedema, water retention, swollen arms and legs, cellulitis, skin rejuvenation,