Environmental pollution takes a heavy toll on our health. Its effects reach far beyond inner cities or industrial areas and are difficult to escape. Our challenges are to create awareness about these health effects, to be pro-active, to deal responsibly with food, water, air, our environment and natural resources. In our opinion, meaningful detoxification should become a part of our lifestyle.


What is our approach?

We are aware of these health risks and include neuro-toxicology in our diagnostics and treatment considerations. Chronic low-level toxin exposure from our environment can cause nonspecific symptoms like fatigue, brain fog, emotional or intellectual instability and performance drop, loss of resilience, interest, spirit, etc. Detoxification of the body and the brain is the foundation of our treatment concepts together with mitochondrial and energy support.

What is your benefit from choosing our approach?

Our clinic has developed over many years highly sophisticated and personalised detoxification protocols. They are tailored to your genetic detoxification capacity and the functional and energetic state of your detoxifying organs.

With specialised tests one can assess the degree of toxic load and treatment response.

In our detoxification treatment program, we try to address all major detoxifying organs, liver, kidney, skin, lungs, body fluids. Thus, our program is comprised of liver and kidney support and activation, infrared sauna, acupuncture, cupping, Reiki, detoxification foot bath, Epson salt full body bath, reflexology, Lymphatic drainage, Perrin technique, etc., etc.

In our experience, detoxification from environmental pollutants and metabolic debris, supplementation with ionised oxygen, clean water and essential micro-nutrients are the basis of health and the basis of any comprehensive treatment plan.

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