What is our approach?

To us pain is the cry of an organ. A healthy organ does not hurt. Especially in chronic pain, the cause of the pain often remains obscure. Together with YOU, we will try to meet the challenge to find out what the organ is complaining about. We do not work with pain suppression or pain medication. By providing organ support we try to stimulate self-repair and regeneration.

What are your benefits from choosing our approach?

It will be our challenge to get to the root cause of your problem and resolve it to an as high degree as possible, with supportive methods.

Pain is a protective mechanism of the body. When we touch a hot plate, the pain tells us that it would be a good idea to withdraw the hand. In the acute phase, pain suppression is justified, but for the chronic pain, we prefer to eliminate the cause and treat supportively.

Chronic pain is not a diagnosis, it is a symptom.

Our supportive treatment for pain consists of neural therapy, soft laser acupuncture, electromagnetic stimulation, transcutaneous electrical stimulation, manual therapies, Physiotherapy, etc.


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