What is our approach?

We use cutting edge techniques such as quantitative Electroencephalogram (qEEG) and Event Related Potentials (ERPs) to identify electrical imbalances of the brain which may impair the speed and accuracy of your information processing and executive function.

What is your benefit from choosing our approach?

On the basis of the qEEG and ERPs results we can design an individualised brain training program and brain supportive supplements. Psychological counselling is available if needed.

In our experience a personalised, interdisciplinary “detoxify-feed-train-the -brain” treatment plan is the best thing you can do for your brain.

This approach addresses the busy executive to frenzied underachiever, the one who is well and wants to remain well to the one who has quite a bit to work on.

Our ancient brains evolved for a life of hunting and gathering. The environment was dangerous and simple, but clean and pure. Stress was followed by a resolution and well-deserved rest and relaxation. The fastest and fittest survived. Disease meant not being able to survive. Disease was not an option.


21st century life requires complexity, the ability to juggle multiple operations, make decisions when vital information is missing, prioritize resources, remember details, be balanced and communicate well with staff and customers, meet the duties and expectations of family and social life. Our environment is complex and ever changing. Our risks are manifold and unpredictable. Our environment seems safe but is artificial and depleted. Our dangers are hidden, insidious and abstract. Our stress is ongoing and true resolution and full relaxation are rare. Our food is in abundance but is rich in calories and preservatives and depleted in micro-nutrients and nutritional value. Our access to oxygen is in closed rooms often over-heated or air conditioned, lacking high-energy negative-charged oxygen ions.

In such circumstances it does not come as a surprise that our brain may decompensate from this executive and toxic overload and nutritional depletion. It goes into slow-down, default mode, elevating the low frequency brainwaves associated with lack of mental energy. Thus problem-solving, concentration, organizing, sequencing and multi-tasking becomes an effort. Sleep quality suffers and eventually resilience, creativity and health.

All these aspects are addressed in our treatment concept.

After unloading your brain from environmental toxins and feeding it with micro-nutrients, we will train it with Neurofeedback, bio-feedback and computer training programs to restore the balance and helping rebuild vitality and efficiency.

A balanced brain has resilience, keeps perspective and trusts his own instincts with relaxed confidence.

The London Neurology and Pain Clinic works with the EEG researcher Dr Tony Steffert, the Psychologist Dr Beverly Steffert and the psychotherapist Lowell Riezouw.

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